Testimony of Sister R.-M.

One year ago, on the 8th of September, I pronounced my first vows in the community of St John and St Dominic… after waiting for 6 years at St John. And now, it is 7 months since I had to take off my habit – on the 8th February 2013. But today is also the feast of the birth of Our Blessed Mother and I trust completely that she is guarding my vocation. During these last few months, since the dissolution of the community and no longer having a habit, God has used this trial to teach me something very beautiful:  that one’s consecration cannot be taken away by men. It’s such a strong experience to live, when one realises that even if they remove our habits and destroy our community, they cannot touch the call of God upon a soul. His call remains actual, it is He who keeps me for Himself, today, despite the circumstances. And another thing was to understand that God’s call isn’t abstract. He called me to follow him in a particular community, at St John. I asked myself, but what will I do? Where will I go? I couldn’t go elsewhere or choose another form of religious life. What Fr MDP and sr Alix have given is unique : a vocation of Light, to live in the light of the three wisdoms. I think that Jesus wants this community, and I think He will raise it to new life. I wait for this with great hope, not only for myself, or for the rest of the community that’s been dissolved, but for the whole world, which has such great need of light, of this new form of contemplative life.