My name is sister Claire Agnès

I am French. I entered the Community of the Sisters of Saint John in 2004, at the age of 20 after my studies in literature (hypokhagne and khagne). I was in our priory in Holland when the Community of the Sisters of Saint John and Saint Dominic was suppressed. I lost my local social security coverage and therefore had to leave Holland and return to France where I was still insured by Cavimac (an insurance for religious sisters), but only until August 28th: being returned to the lay state cancels the support of Cavimac. So I energetically began several administrative processes in order to obtain medical coverage for the destitute by the end of the month of August:

 –          Opening a bank account
–          Formulation of files, writing diverse letters
–          Writing a resume, signing up for unemployment
–          Signing up for government aid

I currently receive France’s government aid, reduced transport fees, medical insurance for the poor as well as the accompaniment of an organism specialized in reintegration. During my diverse meetings, I encountered understanding, even compassion, but also stupefaction  with the extremely precarious situation with which I had been submitted to last winter, along with 150 of my sisters.

I also always made mention of my firm resolution to reintegrate religious life as soon as possible. My vocation “comes from on high”. God is the one who chose me and called me, and continues to call me. Truth be told, I do not think anyone can keep me from responding to my vocation. My desire and my authentic joy in consecrating myself to God in a Joannine contemplative life have only grown during these four years of crisis. I am happy to say that above and beyond the legitimate suffering, I really am doing well in every way! The formation that is received in the community of Sisters, as much on a theologal level as on a human level, taught me to be free and greatly strengthened me. I trust in God who does not abandon those who left everything to follow him. While waiting to once again live a normal monastic life, I try to “not lose time interiorly” and remain faithful to my life of prayer and offering, thankful for everything that I have received from God and my Community.