Meditation 7 for August 18, 2013 – The Living One

What does it mean for us to say “Jesus is alive”? The book of Revelation states that Jesus is “the Living One[1]” The Living One is the one who loves. We only live when we love. And the Living One, in an ultimate way, is someone who loves with divine love. The heart of Jesus is thus the heart of the Living One. And when we say: “He is alive!”, when we affirm that in our faith, we affirm Jesus as being the Resurrection. Jesus is the Resurrection for us. Through this mysteryJesus gives us a share of his glory. Each of us will have a glory that is proportionate to the degree of charity that we reached on earth, a glory that will be the common work of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father. It is a Trinitarian glory, a glory that will make us fully enter into the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. We will live the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, face to face. The Father, at that very moment, will take us into his intimacy, the greatest intimacy there is, so that we can contemplate what he is as Father, and we will be his beloved sonseternally.




Christian life, through the grace which makes us children of God, obviously implies great demands of love, and therefore, of joy. Christian life is primarily a joyful life, but this joy is divine and not human joy. Divine joy means that it comes from the presence of Christ in our life. But Christian life also implies a very profound bond with the Cross of Jesus and this is why in every Christian life there exists some suffering and sadness. But joy should always dominate. Sometimes, from a psychological viewpoint, we have the impression that sadness is what dominates, but that can only be at a secondary level, it is not what is deepest in our Christian life.


The deepest aspect in our Christian life is our bond with Jesus. The Cross, as previously stated, is the ultimate revelation of the bond between Jesus, the Beloved Son, and his Father. The Cross is the moment when Jesus most perfectly accomplishes his mission as Beloved Son; this mission is to glorify the Father, his Father and to save mankind. Therefore our grace always binds us to Jesus who glorifies the Father and saves mankind. Clearly we save mankind with Jesus first of all through love, and we glorify the Father through lovebefore all else.



Father Marie-Dominique Philippe, o.p.

Conferences 1996-1997

« Jesus-Christ, educator of the faith through signs »

[1] “Fear not, I am the first and the last, and the living one; I died, and behold I am alive forevermore.” Rev. 1:17-18.