A short biography on Sister Alix

1933 – Sister Alix Parmentier was born at Vez (close to Soissons, France), July 12. She is the youngest of six children.

1956 – She entered the Carmel of Boulogne, France.

1961 – For health reasons, just before her perpetual profession, she left the Carmel. She began a double degree in philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris and Fribourg. She also earned a doctorate on the philosophy of Whitehead.

1961-1982 – She was the assistant of Father Marie-Dominique Philippe at the University of Fribourg and helped him for all his studies, editing his articles and books.

Dec.8, 1982 – Father Marie-Dominique Philippe entrusts the foundation of the Sisters of Saint John to her. They began at Rimont, France with a consecration to Mary.

Feb. 2, 1983 – The first commitments of the Sisters take place in the room of Marthe Robin. Sister Alix made her perpetual profession.