Meditation 2 for July 14th 2013 – Cana

The Wedding Feast at Cana (John 2)

Let us look attentively at what this meal signifies. What a wonderful presence of Jesus and what wonderful intimacy. Jesus is present at the wedding feast in Cana not only to respond to an invitation but to manifest to us his first presence as Savior, through this gesture of love, this familiar gesture, this gesture which transforms everything and brings so much light, so much interior warmth.

Jesus transforms a large quantity of water into wine, and this second wine is better than the first: quality and quantity go together here. Uniting quality and quantity is something marvelous for the Greeks because usually we always have to opt for one and by doing so, exclude the other. Cana is wonderful because quality and quantity are one. And this is highlighted well so that we understand in our Christian life: quality and quantity should always go together. Quality and quantity can go together, because there is an intervention from God which makes it so these two can be united, whereas man cannot unite them: we have to opt for one or the other. We are either for quantity or we are for quality. As much as possible, let’s be Christians of quality and not just quantity! Unlike the life in the Old Testament, Christian life is a life where quality should always have the upper hand. Now, what is the quality of our activities, of our actions? It is to lead to love. Love is what puts quality into our activities; love gives intensity and a different color to everything. Everything is different according to whether we act out of love or without love.


Jesus reveals himself to us through his gestures of mercy and love and this is what is so beautiful in the Gospel of John. In each of Jesus’ encounters with this or that person, or with his people, Jesus always commits himself completely in what he does. It is just the opposite of amateurism or dillentism. Jesus has a mission to accomplish which the Father entrusted to him. He wants to go to the end of this mission and thereby show us that he is the Beloved Son of the Father, and that he carries all the Father’s intentions in his heart. Jesus is the one who reveals the Father to us. Everything Jesus does, he does it in obedience to the Father, in a loving relationship with the Father. Through the gestures of Christ and through the fulfillment of his priestly mission as beloved Son, we discover the Father’s mercy for mankind, according to what is said in the Gospel. In the Old Covenant, the Father’s servants were the ones who came to instruct us and show us who God, the Master and Creator of all is. In the New Covenant, the Father sends his beloved Son and by sending him, he reveals himself to us in a unique and extremely loving way. How astonishing that the Father reveals himself to us through his Son, in order to fill us with his love, his mercy and his forgiveness.

Father Marie-Dominique Philippe, o.p.

Conferences 1996-1997 given to the AFC (Association of Christian Families)

“Jesus-Christ, educator of faith through signs”