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18 months after the rescript, the Sisters of Saint John and Saint Dominic are authorized to re-found a public association of the faithful. Following a visit in November, Cardinal Braz de Aviz met with the Sisters in Spain on June 17th, 2014, along with all the Bishops who have welcomed them in various countries of the world. Nine bishops made themselves available for this meeting. The modalities of the new foundation will soon be defined.

Step by step, in trust, the Sisters are going to be able to find serenity once again.

We thank all those who collaborate for this work, and allow this new beginning.

In hope,

The Moderators


In order to nourish our hope, our faith and our charity, we would like to offer you a meditation by Father Marie Dominique Philippe each Sunday of Lent.

English : lent n°1
English : lent n°2
English : Saint Joseph
English : Lent n°3
English : The Annunciation
Lent 2014 n°4

“God continues to save mankind and the world thanks to the poverty of Christ, who made himself poor in the sacraments, in the Word, and in his Church, which is made up of the poor.” Pope Francis


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After the recent events concerning Father Marie-Dominique Philippe, we are making available to you, with their approval, the letter of June 12, 2013, from some Brothers to the General Chapter of Brothers. Please also refer to our section of the site consecrated to Father Philippe.

Send your testimony to temoignages.pmdp@yahoo.com


On this site you will find testimonies and photos to get to know the sisters better, a chronology of events, a few documents to assist reflection and a place for dialogue comprised of:

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