Who are we ?

Friends and those close to the Brothers and Sisters of St John, we decided to get together informally to create this site. We know the Community of the Contemplative Sisters of St John well and we have known them for a long time. Members of our families are either finally professed Sisters of St John, or novices and simply professed ex-sisters of St John and St Dominic who have had to take off the habit.

In response to what is said on the Internet, what is transmitted by the media, all the “it is said that…” which circulate endlessly, it seemed capital to us that there is somewhere on the web that reflects a truer image of the Sisters with information that is not false, with the hard facts, with personal witnesses.

We have the firm hope that dialogue is possible and that our drop of water is not in vain.

To contact us, we invite you to use contact us.